Anthony Forest

Testimonials / Case Studies

Anthony Forest Products Company, LLC would like to share with you what our customers and specifiers say about our Power Products® and services we provide. Check out the testimonials below and our case studies to the right.

    I have been a customer of Anthony Forest Products for 20 years. They are friends first and a vendor next. They are one of the most honorable companies I have ever worked with. Great partners that have been fun to grow with.   

Chris Mello
Boise Cascade

    In an industry built on strong relationships, I value none higher than the business and personal relationship Weekes Forest Products has established with Anthony. Their combination of high quality products and customer service with an attention to detail is what we have come to expect every day. I can credit Anthony Forest Products for our consistent success with engineered wood products.   

Bob Fabian
EWP General Manager, Shareholder Weekes Forest Products, Inc., St. Paul, MN

    Anthony is always innovating to meet the needs of our client. The idea for the 2-7/16" Power Preserved Glulams were developed in our parking lot after a visit from the regional reps while changing a flat tire. We had relayed our need for a higher capacity product that will still meet the size constraints of conventional lumber. Anthony did not disappoint! Since the Southern Pine tables have changed on conventional 2x lumber, it is now the number one engineered product we specify on our elevated homes. We also know we can count on Anthony to support community projects such as the Lone Survivor Project on Crystal Beach. We are extremely proud to associate our name with their brand.   

Chandra Franklin Womack, P.E.
President, Aran & Franklin Engineering Inc., Firm Registration F-4632, Texas City, TX

    Our transition to Anthony Forest Products Company as our glulam beam, column and treated glulam beam supplier was seamless. Their brand recognition along with the high quality of their products and service has enhanced our engineered wood products offering. Our sales this year so far have grown by 53% in Anthony purchases and we expect this trend to continue.   

Bill Sweeney
EWP Manager at Coastal Forest Products, Bedford, NH

    When multi-ply LVL is specified for beams and headers in our a projects, I replace them with Anthony Power Beams when possible. It is a no-brainer as Anthony Power Beam saves us labor, cost, and time. Its consistency in performance and superior strength give us the confidence that we are providing the highest structural quality in our work.   

Albert Cummings
Principal at Cummings General Contractors, Inc., Williamstown, MA;
Recipient of 8 National Builder Awards. Also, Albert Cummings is a National Blues Recording Artist,