Power Sizer® Software

Power Sizer® Software is now powered by the most powerful engineered wood software tools in the market—iStruct® software suite, featuring isDesign® for single member sizing.

The "NEW" Power Sizer® software will size all of our family of Power Products® including Power Beam®, Power Column®, and Power Preserved Glulam® at NO COST to the user. Click below on the icon to download this new software. This will take you to the Calculated Structured Designs Power Sizer® download portal. Please follow these directions to register and download the software.


Power Sizer® features:
  • A user-friendly, single-member sizing program with impeccable graphics that creates easy-to-read beam calculations
  • Analyze loads and calculate sizes and spacing for our Power Products® engineered wood products lines
  • Requires little or no training for the architect, engineer, or designer
Power Products® customers receive:
  • No charge for single-member sizing software
  • No charge for customers to distribute to its customer base
  • Customer product logos and nomenclature on beam calcs
  • Printed calc sheets display shear, deflection, moment, and reaction
  • Internet software training and support
  • Internet updates for all software