Welcome to our family of Anthony Power Products® which includes glulam beams, columns, and treated glulam. Anthony's glulam beams and columns offer the customer the most cost effective engineered wood products solutions in floors, roofs and walls today.

All of our glulam Power Products® source lumber from our own Urbana, Arkansas sawmill whereby we have strict quality control over lumber input for our glulam production. To provide even more assurances of lumber grade control, every piece of lumber from our sawmill and both laminating plants pass through MSR machines which provide the known strength and stiffness values of each piece of lumber. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Please review below our family of Power Products® and choose which one best fits your structural application.

Power Beam®

2400F Stock Glulam

PRG® Power Rated Glulam

Power Preserved Glulam®

Power Column®

Power Header®

AFP 1.6E Short Span Header

APA Glulam Technical Publications