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Power Preserved Glulam

Power Preserved Products
  • 2400Fb - 1.8E - 300Fv SYP glulam industrial appearance
  • High strength allows for reduction in size of
    columns or number of pilings and piers
  • Two separate warranties for your protection
  • Balanced lay-up and zero camber
  • No top or bottom
  • As environmentally safe as untreated wood
  • No swelling or shrinkage of the beam
  • Less checking, cupping, or twisting of beam

Download Treated Glulam Documents
  • Power Preserved Glulam Brochure
  • Power Preserved Glulam Trifold
  • Power Preserved Glulam® Beam
  • Power Preserved Glulam® Deck Guide
  • Power Preserved Column® Flyer:
    - PPC Allowable Axial Loads (Dry)
    - PPC Allowable Axial Loads (Wet)
  • Solid Lumber vs. Power Preserved
    Column Comparison Tables
  • Power Preserved Column® and PSL
    Column Comparison Table
  • Consumer Information Sheet
  • Consumer Information Sheet Cop-8®
  • APA Confirmation Letter - Treated
  • 2 7/16" Load and Design Table

  • Treating Standards
  • APA - Preservative Treatment of Glued
    Laminated Timber
  • AWPA - Use Category System U1-07
  • AWPA - AWPA M4 Brush on Treatment
  • AITC - Standard for Preservative
    Treatment of Glued Laminated Timber
  • Power Preserved Glulam®
    Power Preserved Column®

    Anthony Forest Products introduces its new Power Preserved Glulam® Beams and Columns treated with Hoover Treated Wood Products Inc. Cop-Guard® formulation of Copper Naphthenate and covered by two 25-year warranties. Our popular standard 24F glulam and Power Column® is offered for shipment from Hoover's plant in Pine Bluff, AR, Anthony's Arkansas Laminating plant in El Dorado, AR and our Georgia Laminating plant located in Washington, GA. The glulam beam combination is our 24F V5 M1 which is balanced with no camber at 3 1/2" & 5 1/4" widths at IJC depths and treated for exterior above ground use only. The Power Preserved Column® is treated for ground contact use at .075 pcf which qualifies for AWPA use categories 4A, 4B and 4C in a severe deterioration zone. Standard sizes of 3 1/2", 5 1/4", and 6 3/4" widths are offered in Combination #50 which is #1 dense SYP lumber.

    APA Technical Publications
    APA CAD Details
    AFP Power Sizer Software
    AWC DCA6 - Wood Deck Design Guide
    Simpson Cop-Guard® Hanger Requirements

    Examples of Brush on Treatments and where to find them...
    Tenino Copper Naphthenate = Poles, Inc.
    Copper Green = Ace Hardware Stores
    Cop-R-Tox = TruValue Hardware Stores
    *You may also find them at any major paint supply stores.

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